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Shaping the Future of AI: Coupling Data and AIOps in a Virtuous Human-in-the-loop Cycle of Innovation

AI-DAPT pioneers data-centric AI solutions, reshaping industries with innovation and reliability. Our focus on AI Operations (AIOps) ensures seamless automation of data pipelines, driving trustworthy AI advancements. By integrating humans into every step, we prioritize proper data handling and model optimization. Through our approach, we bridge the gap between data and AI models, empowering industries and fostering collaboration. Join us in shaping the future of AI-driven innovation.

Progressing Beyond the State of the Art


XAI-Driven Data Operations

Elevate data processes with Explainable AI, enhancing transparency and insight across mining, exploration, and bias detection.

Collaborative Feature Engineering

Optimize feature selection through teamwork, streamlining data and enhancing AI model efficiency.

Hybrid Science-Guided Models

Combine scientific principles with AI, crafting robust models that leverage domain expertise for reliable solutions.

Sparse Model Generation

Efficiently represent complex data, minimizing resources while maintaining performance with sparse model techniques.

Adaptive AI for Model Retraining

Keep models relevant with continuous learning, ensuring effectiveness in evolving environments through adaptive AI.​


Project comprises 18 consortium members, with one coordinator overseeing collaborative efforts to advance AI technologies.


Hailing from 7 European countries, the consortium fosters cross-border cooperation to drive innovation and address common challenges in AI development.


From January 1, 2024, to June 30, 2027, the AI-DAPT project allows for comprehensive research, development, and implementation of data-centric AI solutions.

Always Innovating

Our Pilot Demonstrators

Health - Non-Invasive Monitoring

AI-DAPT aims to pioneer non-invasive monitoring solutions through AI analysis of physiological signals, revolutionizing healthcare with early detection and continuous monitoring for improved patient outcomes.

Robotics & Cognitive Ergonomics

AI-DAPT enhances human-centered automation by integrating real-time worker data, optimizing productivity and safety through automated AI pipelines that predict and mitigate stress, showcasing the benefits of digitalizing human factors in industry.

Energy - Demand Response

AI-DAPT tackles energy inefficiency in buildings, implementing measures for enhanced efficiency and demand management. By integrating monitoring and ML techniques, it aims to optimize forecasts and enable personalized demand response, resulting in energy savings and reduced peak-load.

Manufacturing - Predictive Maintenance

AI-DAPT addresses predictive maintenance challenges in manufacturing, utilizing AI to forecast needs, optimize spare parts, and streamline workforce planning. Through synthetic data generation and bias detection, it delivers adaptable AI models for efficient maintenance, enhancing equipment uptime and reducing costs.


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