Consortium First Plenary Meeting Online

Following the successful kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece, AI-Dapt achieved another significant milestone today with its first plenary meeting, bringing together the entire consortium in an online format.

This virtual assembly provided an invaluable opportunity for all partners to discuss the progress and future plans of the six work packages (WP1 through WP6) that form the backbone of the project. Over the initial five months, everyone have been particularly active, laying crucial groundwork for the project’s success.

During the meeting, several key advancements were highlighted. Partners presented the primary user stories for the pilot phases, which are essential for aligning the project’s objectives with user needs. Additionally, the first version of the technology radar was unveiled, offering a comprehensive overview of the current technological landscape and future trends relevant to AI-Dapt’s goals.

A major highlight of the plenary was the approval of the first set of communication materials. These materials, designed to enhance the project’s visibility and outreach, include a newly created promotional video.

Beyond the updates from the representatives, everyone engaged in a dynamic and productive discussion. They focused on planning the immediate next steps, as their kick-off activities are scheduled to begin soon. This planning session was crucial for ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of the project, where technical activities will intensify.

Overall, the first plenary meeting of AI-Dapt was a testament to the collaborative effort and dedication of all partners. It set a positive tone for the upcoming phases of the project, highlighting the consortium’s commitment to achieving its ambitious objectives. As AI-Dapt moves forward, the continued engagement and cooperation among partners will be key to navigating the challenges and leveraging the opportunities that lie ahead.

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